Q: Are your products made from solid wood or plywood?

A: All of our products are made from 100% solid wood. The only exceptions are the plywood veneer backer panels on our credenzas and baltic birch box lids. 

Q: What materials do you build with?

A: We only work with the highest quality hardwoods. Our preferred materials are black walnut, hard maple, white oak and mahogany. 

Q: Where do your raw materials come from?

A: Our walnut, oak and maple are all grown and milled in the United States. Our mahogany comes from Honduras and Nicaragua. 

Q: Do any of your pieces have screws or nails?

A: No. All joints are glued mortise and tenon. hinges and drawer slides, the only hardware we use is for attaching table tops to table legs and veneer backer panels. 

Q: Do you make custom furniture?

A: Absolutely! We love custom projects. Please e-mail us to start a conversation: 

Q: Where is Repast Supply Furniture Located?

A: We are located 15 miles north of San Francisco in Marin County.

Q: Where does the name Repast come from?

A: Repast is an antiquated word meaning the "time during which a meal is eaten." Our cooking tools are designed to bring people together around food so the name was a natural fit. 

Q: Can I place an order if I live outside of the San Francisco Bay area?

A: Absolutely! All orders ship from our California shop. Freight pricing depends upon product size, weight and distance. 

Q: Why don’t you use reclaimed lumber?

A: We believe strongly in the importance of sustainable forest management. The money we spend on responsibly harvested lumber directly supports that industry. Reclaimed lumber is not only difficult to source reliably, but its purchase does little to support sustainable forestry efforts. 

Q: Do you build exclusively with power tools? 

A: Our shop has many state of the art woodworking tools, but much of our work is still done by hand. There is no replacement for scrapers, chisels and hand planes.  .  

Q: How should I care for my furniture?

A: All of our furniture pieces are sealed with multiple coats of durable, water-resistant finish. Do not place hot items directly onto wood surfaces. Always use coasters and trivets to prevent marking. 

Q: Why do you plant 10 trees for every piece of furniture?

A: We do this for posterity. We want to make sure that future generations also have plenty of this beautiful resource to work with. 


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