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Welcome to Repast Supply Co.

My name is Michael Finizio. (fin-EETZ-ee-oh) My mission is simple; inspire people everywhere to slow down, roll up their sleeves and cook a meal with someone they love. 

I'm an engineer, a foodie and a woodworker but above all I just love bringing people together.

I believe very strongly in the importance of gathering around the kitchen table with the people I love. Combining good food, good wine and good company is the most special moment I can achieve.

The inspiration for Repast Supply Co grew from a family reunion when the whole family spent an afternoon cooking together. The adults laughed, drank wine and told stories while the children played and helped roll out pasta dough. This is a moment I try to re-create whenever possible.

Because I believe strongly in the importance of sustainability, Repast Supply Co plants 100 trees for every tree used in production. 

Fonde: The Ravioli Rolling Pin, Perfected